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Notice To Customers



Transition from Ukee Cable Network to Telus Network


Since Telus purchased Ukee Cable on November 1, 2016, customers have been successfully transitioning their services to the Telus PureFibre network. The Ukee Cable network will be inactivated later in 2017 (date to be determined).  If you are currently on the Ukee Cable network, please proceed with the following:


1.    Residential:  If your home is already connected to the TELUS fibre line, you can order services today by calling 1-844-372-8559 or by visiting www.TELUS.com/Ucluelet 


2.    If you are not sure your home is connected to the TELUS fibre line, please visit TELUS.com/Ucluelet to order a new fibre connection to your property.  You will be asked to provide your address details.  Once the fibre is connected to your property, you can order the services by calling 1-844-372-8559 


3.    Business locations:  To order a new fibre connection or to initiate services, please call 1-877-352-0898

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